Dr Ravi Malik

A Leading Paediatrician

Dr Ravi Malik

A Leading Paediatrician

Dr Ravi Malik

A Leading Paediatrician

Dr.Ravi Malik


Dr. Ravi Malik, a renowned paediatrician and a famous personality, who often features in the media, is passionate about public health education.
He has been part of more than 1,000 electronic healthcare media channels. Avid reader and a medical author of several books.
Senior Consultant (Paediatric) as well as the Director of Malik Radix Health Care. He has been the Joint Secretary of National Indian Medical Association (2013-2014), Assistant Secretary General of National Indian Medical Association (2010 - 2012) and an advisor to the Indian Academy of Paediatric EDB for three consecutive years. Dr. Malik, a practicing paediatrician for the last 25 years, has worked in various hospitals. Passionate teacher who has taught a large number of medical students, residents and post graduate doctors in the field of Paediatric.
Paediatrician par excellence and has personally under his care admitted and successfully treated more than 50,000 sick and critically sick children in Pediatric and Neonatal ICU. He has also personally attended more than 30,000 neonatal cases.



Dr. Ravi Malik is the renowned Pediatrician who takes immense pleasure in taking care not only for his patients but also for mankind. He strongly believes in the adage - “Prevention is better than cure.” and has worked hard on public health issues. He has been making a substantial contribution in the field of pediatric medicine and improving awareness on public health issues.


25 Great Years Of Experience

He has in whole 25 great years of experience in caring for the mankind.

Indian Medical Association - EDB

He was the editor of INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION from 2012-2013.

20000+ Yearly Cases

He has taken up around 20000+ cases in a year, where he worked immenslly and passionately for the mankind.

Health Education Committee of Delhi Medical Education

He was the chairman of HEALTH EDUCATION COMMITTEE OF DELHI MEDICAL EDUCATION in 2013 and worked for the human healthcare.

National Indian Medical Association

He is also the Assistant Secretary General/ Member Central Council/Joint Secretary at NATIONAL INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION

Malik Radix Healthcare center

Most importantly, he is the senior Pediatrician at Malik Radix Healthcare where he always he aimed to provide affordable and emphatic care for the people in need.


Few words from patients and people who know him

Extra Achievements

Contributed immensely to the emancipation of underprivileged and poor children in the state of Haryana, in a programme initiated by AIDENT NGO for the education of the girl child.
Delivered disease prevention talks to the street vendors at many places in Delhi NCR through several programmes organised by leading NGOs to aware people about the importance of health.
Held special camps for increasing awareness on issues and conditions like tuberculosis, blood donation and osteoporosis, early detection of hypertension, diabetes and eye camps.
Organised events which focus on the health of the infants and children at various forums like baby shows, adolescent meetings and school health programs.
Mentor and guide for Pragati Pathik NGO, which works for young students. This NGO empowers the students with life skills and goal achievement skills.
Conceptualised the idea of including social activists, NGOs, bureaucrats and politicians in promoting community health education in media.